Paintless Dent Repair is the art of removing small dents, dings, and protrusions caused by hail, small flying objects, the opening of doors in crowded parking lots, etc. by manually manipulating the metal back to its original shape. The average time for a vehicle left at a body shop is usually 7 to 15 days; PDR is completed onsite at your vehicle and takes only a few hours. 

The average cost of Paintless Dent Repair is between $95.00 - $245.00

Crease, body lines and complex dents require estimate and are higher.

Call for a more accurate estimate or text me a picture at: 205-266-4940

Body Shops use fillers and/or replace factory panels and usually give no guarantee that the paint will even match. -No painting with PDR - original paint is retained!

 * Discounts for more than one dent. Check out a few repairs I made:


Customer Mini Cooper photo above ^                                                           My photo after PDR! ^

That Mini-Cooper WAS a difficult repair. It took about 5 hours. Ran about $325!

No Photoshop required! :)

* Hail damage or more dents require a free estimate. 

Call: 205-266-4940