Bumper and Paint repairs can be costly at a body shop due to the cost of replacing the whole bumper or damaged part. I have a system that can repair the damaged section and blend the paint using the same process and paint products used at professional body shops.

We use a system that can be sprayed, air brushed, touched up with a brush or a flow pencil.  Our specialized paint additives insures that the paint will fill the chip and securely adhere to the surface.

Prices range from:

Service                                                                                                Price Range

Minor touch up (up to 12 paint chips)                                                               $125.00+

Major touch up (12-30 paint chips or scratches 2" or longer)                               $195.00+

Partial bumper repair including materials and supplies                                        $285.00+

Full bumper repair including materials and supplies                                            $435.00+