Bumper and Paint repairs can be costly at a body shop due to the cost of replacing the whole bumper or damaged part. I have a system that can repair the damaged section and blend the paint using the same process and paint products used at professional body shops.

We use a system that can be sprayed, air brushed, touched up with a brush or a flow pencil.  Our specialized paint additives insures that the paint will fill the chip and securely adhere to the surface. We use state of the art computer software, paints and additives to precisely match and blend paint repairs.

Prices range from:

Service                                                                                                Price Range

Minor touch up (up to 12 paint chips)                                                                 $95.00+

Major touch up (12-30 paint chips or scratches 2" or longer)                               $175.00+

Partial bumper repair including materials and supplies                                        $245.00+

Full bumper repair including materials and supplies                                            $365.00+