Headlight Restoration can greatly increase the distance your headlights shine down the road ahead of you at night. If your car is 5 - 15 yrs old, take a look at the plastic lenses covering the headlights... is it clear?! If not, we can help. Our products clean and protect the lenses from the harmful effects of the sun's UV rays and also from the elements including road grease and grime, as well as bring back the clarity of the plastic to allow the headlight to shine much farther down the road. It's never safe to outdrive your headlights - the farther ahead you see, the more time you have to react to road hazards ahead. New headlights can cost from $120.00 -$600.00 ea. and up!

Headlight restoration ranges in price from $125.00 - $165.00 per pair. 

5 yr. Warranty!

...add turn signals for $35.00 - $50.00 additional per pair.